About The Artist

Asante Mariama Fears

Visual Artist, Photographer, and designer

She is somewhat a self-taught Artist with minimal formal training. She studied for a few years at Georgia State University in Studio Art.  She also has B.S. in Marketing from Albany State University. She is an artist that has decided to remove herself from the ordinary, and explore the possibilities of the art arena.

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1975. Her parents moved out of Atlanta to the suburban Decatur. She spent most of her years in Decatur. This is where she would find herself daydreaming of how and when she would become an artist.

As a young child she felt like she was out of place in the world.  She knew then that she was put on this earth to create; it was her life’s mission.  When she was a child and into her adolescence she would spend a lot of time with her grandmother. She would watch her grandmother with watchful eyes. She was always wondering, “What is grandmother going to create today.” She thought, “That lady could create things out of nothing!” So she became a creator of all things and believed that she followed in her grandmother’s footsteps. Her grandmother has passed the torch on to her. She is the way she is today because of her grandparents & parents introducing her to all things cultural.

As a young child her father was in to photography as well, she would always beg him to use his Camera. But, the answer was No!  He would say, “This camera is an expensive object that you are not quite ready to use.” This is where her intrigue of photography came about. Her family taught her at a young age that being different was a good thing.


When she first walked into the High Museum of Art, her eyes grew big. She knew that from that point on she would forever be married to art. Art would continue to be in her life from that point. As she got older she would attend art showings, art festivals, plays, and any event pertaining to the arts.

Bold colors and Jazz music play a major role in what inspires her work. She loves the use of over the top color big and bold colors. These bold colors that she uses strikes something deep within her that “screams I am here let me be seen!” She also is inspired by music form Jazz musicians. She explains, “When the sound of jazz comes together with bold colors it moves the soul and that’s what I like.”

Her technique has been developed by trial and error. Once it was locked, she then decided on what she would focus on as far as her art. In photography she would start to move towards Documentary Photography. In visual arts, she would use oil pastels and acrylics without limits.

Her major influences are Georgia O’Keeffe, Romare Bearden, Henry Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Willem De Kooning, Lorna Simpson, Gordon Parks, Frank Lloyd Wright.